Question Dual Monitor; Changes Resolution, Refresh rate and Color Format Every time I Turn it On

Aug 7, 2020
Ok, guys, this has been happening for a while and I can't find any solution and I hope this is in the right location.

AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
Dual BenQ XL2720Z (Identical monitors, bought at the same time, previous computer did 144hz on both and it was a GTX970)
32Gb RAM

I am using DisplayPort. Yes, I changed the cables. Yes, only one monitor connected works fine. Yes, I used DDU for a fresh clean start. No, I can't force resolution or refresh rate or color format using NVIDIA control panel, it doesn't even give me the option or show me any other available resolutions or refresh rate. I am running 1920x1080, no 4K or anything fancy, plain old 1080p that should be very ok for this setup.

Every time I turn the PC on, both monitors are black. I need to take cables out and put them back in (sometimes the monitors are on during startup). But the problem is that the resolution goes wild, sometimes it goes to 1280x720 on one, then both, then it goes to 1920x1080 but one is 99hz and Color Format YCbCr422 and the other 144hz and RGB. Sometimes both monitors are 99hz and YCbCr422. Unplugging and plugging cables will take me to 144hz RGB eventually, usually on just one monitor that happens to be my main, so I am fine with it since my second monitor is for chat or anything else.

It is just weird that it works. It takes a few minutes of on and off with the cables but eventually works and sometimes it goes to 144hx RGB on both monitors, when it was brand new it used to work just fine (built this setup September 2019 so it is new), and the problem got to this point of every time I turn it on it's an event of unplugging and plugin cable back. It was not like this, not this bad. So, I am at a loss now.

Thanks for the help!