Question Dual Monitor Setup 1080 + 1440p


Aug 14, 2008
I have a 1440p monitor viewsonic 27"XG2705-2k
my gpu is only RX 470 I do however plan to upgrade to the 4000 series when it gets released however I want the best performance possible for gaming since I am streaming games
I am looking to purchase LG UltraGaming 750B 1080p, will it help reduce the stress on my GPU?
I am planning to use the 1080p as my main gaming monitor and then use my 2k for my vertical monitor.
The color on Viewsonic is also not that great compared to LG, have some little regret buying it but not so much.
the LG 850 2k is $100 worth more btw but I fear that it will hit big when I stream
I mean its upto you, but yeah 1080p is going to be much easier to run than a 1440p panel, But if you plan to upgrade to a 4060 or better, I mean 1440p is going to be quite easy for that card to run on pretty much any game out there.