Dual Monitor support for AGP


Jul 18, 2001

I'm looking for an dual-monitor upgrade for my old 2500XP system. It only supports AGP, which makes it difficult to find a suitable card.

I want to run games, as well. To be exact, I need to run WoW in one monitor and regular desktop (surfing/chatting...) in the other. So, a hammer performance isn't needed.

Which card would you suggest me?
And it has to support the old conventional monitor output. The second output might be DVI, as I will buy a new LCD for that spot.

Thanks a lot for your probable responses!
Pretty much any recent series can support dual monitor.

The question is what you're using it for.

For basic test, no concern for quality a ATi Radeon 9200SE or nVidia GeForce 4MX would be more than adequate (with the 9200 having slightly better 2D quality with faster RAMDACs).

For some a little more 'capable' then the the Radeon 9550 or GFFX5500+ (avoid the FX5200 as most have the same RAMDACs as the GF4MX).

For something more serious for quality IQ, then the GF6200/7300 or Radeon X1300, with the X1300 having very slightly better video playback, and also have dual-link DVI support for if you do move to a large LCD in the future.

Now really it's all about what you're doing with it there's a whole world of possibilities, and any card with a DVI-I connector (which is just about all of them nowadays, carried both the digital and analogue signal and thus even if the second connector is DVI you're fine for analogue.


Mar 5, 2006
i run a 9800 PRO AGP card (1vga/1dvi) for dual monitors and i play all the latest games on decent settings. You can get dual DVI AGP cards aswell..so pretty much anything will give you dual monitor support.

Question is what size monitors? If you're running 17's or 19's you should be fine with a lower card, but 19+ with 1600x1200+ resolutions your cards might have problems