Dual Monitor Trouble


Aug 13, 2009
can an emachines W3650 motherboard graphics card and an NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model64/Model 64 Pro run dual monitor? ive tried it and it hasnt worked... anytime i have my NVIDIA card in it my motherboard card doesnt work

I have no idea what to do all help is appreciated
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You have to choose between onboard and PCI Express or other.
Best thing would be to get a PCI Express card with two ports. Then hook up a monitor to each port.
Make sure your power supply supports the card you want.


Jul 23, 2009
Another option is to use external USB monitor adapter. Many can be used in conjuction with other adapters to add up to 4 monitors (five total). For example the company I'm interning for right now (StarTech.com) sells a few different models of USB monitor adapters including:
USB VGA Multi Monitor External Video Adapter (USB2VGAE2)
USB VGA External Dual or Multi Monitor Video Adapter - High Resolution (USB2VGA2)

If you do end up purchasing one of those models, it is important to note that resellers listed on those pages (under the price box) often sell products for significantly less than the price listed on the links I've provided. Cheers.