Dual monitors and Projector


Jan 3, 2013
I am in a dilemma and would need your expert advice. I am looking for a video card that can handle two monitors and a projector. This is for my church, I would like to have a main screen and then a second screen which will have same thing displayed as the projector(Whatever is on the second screen should come on the projector).
We are in the process of upgrading our system to the latest specs i7 and all that fancy stuff. But I have no idea about the video card. below is the kind of Display we would like to have



Let me know if you guys have any suggestion.
I really appreciate your time.
Thanks Sam


Not sure that there is a graphics card that can do what you want. It's not that there aren't cards that can handle three displays, but it's the configuration that's causing problems. To my knowledge, you cannot "clone" half of an extended display.

In your configuration, you'd have to have:
1) The main screen (monitor 1)
2) The secondary screen (monitor 2) as an extension of monitor 1.
3) The projector as a clone of only monitor 2 and I don't believe that's possible.

I think you're looking at a dual graphic card solution.
-Graphic card one will display to monitor 1.
-Graphic card two will display to monitor 2 and be cloned to the projector.

What cards to get is going to depend on:
1) Usage - Are we talking office documents and slide shows or hi-def gaming?
2) Your motherboard - Are you even able to install multiple graphic cards?
3) Power - Can your power supply handle whatever card(s) are needed to be installed?

-Wolf sends
get any case that support 2 dvi ports at least.
e.g. the hd 7770
connect the 1st monitor via dvi 1 and for the second monitor and the projector use a dvi to 2 dvi cable...that should do the trick.
but just remember to decrease/increase the resolution to the maximum the projector supports before you connect them to the card