Question dual monitors, one monitor lags while gaming on other

Aug 2, 2020
i have a LG 34Gk950f-B , running 144hz. I was tired of gaming with windowed games and windowed video player on the same screen so i bought a GIGABYTE g32qc (165hz) as a second monitor.
i had both mounted and connected through my display ports. I could game fullscreen on my LG while watching netflix or something similar on the GIGABYTE. For about 2 week it ran perfect.
I decided to mess around with calibrating the colors and that night when i went to game and watch videos the videos on the gigabyte monitor started to stutter and lag greatly. I went back and reset both monitors and set them both to 120hz to see if that would fix the issue. It helped a little but the videos still stutter and lag enough to make it unwatchable. I tried gaming in windowed mode and still same issue. I read somewhere else that this is a common issue with windows 10 but if that is the case why would it work for the first few weeks. Im not using google chrome but microsoft edge. I checked everything and everything is up to date.
If anyone has any info or insight i would greatly appreciate it.

My computer specs-
Geforce RTX 2080ti 11g with a rog crosshair formula 7 mobo and 64g of ram with multiple samgsung evo 970 SSD's , and GPU and CPU are watercooled.
windows 10
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