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Oct 16, 2019
My pc only have 1 HDMI and 1 VGA port. I'm trying to setup 2 monitors so I can extend and multi task. Other than installing graphics card, what are my options? I read that I can use USB to HDMI adapter. I see there are USB to HDMI cables and USB to DP cables.

What's better?


Without knowing a bit more detail, you might well be able to find a matched set of monitors that have both HDMI and VGA inputs.
The office box in use at the house is set up this way and for productivity tasks there is no notable difference.

Math Geek

no need for usb to come into play for a monitor.

get 2 monitors and if it does not have the right connection, then get an adapter for that. vga to hdmi or vga to dp most likely.

i have 3 monitors on my pc. 1 hdmi, 1 dp and 1 dvi to hdmi adapter for the 3rd. no problems there. just need to know what inputs the monitor has and get the right adapter. again most likely for the vga output since it's the one most likely to not be present.
(assuming you don't have a GPU and using motherboard outputs) First thing to check is if your motherboard actually supports 2 monitors, because the fact that it has two outputs does not equals to supporting two monitors. Only then you can think about using adapter for VGA output.
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