Question Dual PC Audio issues: cutting out/popping

May 16, 2021
Hello I've been having audio issues where it cuts out audio and pops when I open up a program (steam, chrome etc) which gets a lot worse when playing a game and will keep cutting in and out every few seconds or if I'm playing a shooter for example, cuts out the audio when I left click to shoot my gun. The cutting out/popping isn't just through my headset it's also through my stream and video recordings.
Currently running a dual PC setup with a GOXLR mini which is plugged in via USB.
I believe this is an issue with the gaming PC itself and not the mixer as the issue originally started while I was using voicemeeter potato with a focusrite solo gen2, I thought that was the culprit so I purchased a GOXLR mini however I am still getting the same issue, if anything it is worse. Everything from voicemeeter, vb cables, and focusrite have been uninstalled. While not doing anything on my PC and just listening to music, I've also noticed a weird faint audio interference sound when moving my mouse but that doesn't make the audio cut out or "pop". I thought this may be due to a wireless mouse, so have changed to corded and still the same interference. Have checked all drivers are up to date. Have also unplugged everything from second streaming PC and tried just running it through main PC and still have same issues. I can't pin point any changes I had made that could have caused this as I was streaming one night and it worked flawlessly, then streamed the next afternoon and the issues seemed to have started out of the blue. Have also plugged audio hardware into a different set up with no issues. Not using the GOXLR or voicemeeter and just using my old wireless headset doesn't have these issues.

Main PC specs:
Win 10 pro (20H2)
i7 6700K
ASUS z170-AR (BIOS version 3801)
DDR4-3200 32GB
MSI GTX 1080 sea hawk X
PSU cx750m