Dual PSU Build, EVGA SR-2, 3ds max, Cuda App's. Gaming.


May 27, 2009
Hi ,

I built a system last year mainly for use in 3ds max. Specs are below.

• Supermicro X8dai Rev2.01 MoBo.
• Dual Xeon X5650 CPU’s
• Dual Supermicro SNK-P0040AP4 Active 4U, LGA 1366 CPU Cooler's
• 24GB Hynix DDR3 1333Mhz Triple Channel Memory (HMT151R7TFR4C-H9D2-C)
• 2x Gainward GTX 580 3GB Phantom graphics cards,
• 150GB Western Digital VelociRaptor 10,000rpm HDD
• 74GB Western Digital VelociRaptor 10,000rpm HDD
• 300GB Western Digital VelociRaptor 10,000rpm HDD
• Be Quiet Dark Power Pro P8 1200W PSU
• LG Blue-Ray, Lightscribe, DVD Writer
• Logitech Performance MX cordless Mouse
• Logitech G110 Keyboard
• 2x HP ZR24w 61cm(24") 1920x1200, S-IPS LCD Monitor
• Akasa Omega Pro Hi-engineered case + 6x Akasa Viper 120mm Fans
• O/S Windows 7 Professional x64 (SP1)

I want to transfer the components over to an SR-2 early next year. The sr-2 was going to be part of my original build, but it had just been released literally a week before the build and went over my budget at the time.

I want to keep the two GTX 580 3gb cards, and have them in SLI for when I am not working, and want to add two Tesla C2070 cards. The X8dai does not support SLI so it’s a shame to waste the potential of having 2 GTX 580’s, one only being used for Cuda app’s.

I am working on some seriously big scenes at the moment. One of them is only 50% complete and already uses 2.3gb of GPU memory, so the 6gb Tesla cards will help with the scenes that go over the 3gb barrier.

This will give me 1920 cuda cores + 24 CPU logical cores for scenes using under 3gb of GPU memory
And 896 cuda cores + 24 CPU cores for scenes using more than 3gb of GPU memory.

I could go for a Quadro 6000 and an extra C2070 instead of the two GTX 580’s, giving me 1792 cores for all scenes, but I want this build to be for work and play.

I am guessing I will need a dual PSU set-up, so I have decided on the Xigmatek Elysium case.

What I want to know is, from the list above, will there be any components that will not be compatible with the sr-2 motherboard?


The Gainward GTX 580’s are 2.5 slots wide, so will there be enough space between the cards, as there will be two cards 2.5 slots wide and two cards 2 slots wide?

Will the Hynix server memory be compatible?

Will the Supermicro CPU coolers fit straight in?

I have built a few systems before, but this will be my first dual PSU build. So I have a few questions about that too.


Only one 24pin Mobo output can be connected to the Mobo, so how does the second Psu know when to switch?

To lessen the load on both PSU’s is it possible to have two graphics cards and one CPU on one PSU, and the other two graphics cards and second CPU on the second PSU, or would this cause problems with the Mobo?

Please no suggestions of putting GTX 590’s in, as they only have 1.5gb per GPU, which would render them useless for most of my 3ds max scenes. When a manufacturer makes a 6gb (3gb per gpu) GTX 590 they will have my money! Or even 12gb, but that’s never going to happen. I was really excited about the new Asus mars until the specs were finally released and it only had 1.5gb per GPU, real disappointment.


I have been very successful with all my pervious builds, everything works first time, and are still all working, and very stable, but the Dual PSU set-up is making me a little nervous, new territory for me.

I will not be over-clocking, and the system will run on air, no liquid cooling.

Tyan also do a 4x pci-e 2.0 @16 Mobo that is SLI ready, but the SR-2 seems a little more future proof.

I have also read that the sr-2 has a few reliability issues, which is a little worrying,

Any case recommendations would be great too. The Xigmatek case was one of the first I looked at, and seems to fit the bill, but I am sure there are other straight out of the box cases that support the sr-2 Mobo. I don’t want to have to fiddle around with case mod’s, sawing pieces off, messing around with stick on supports etc, so a retail case that the SR-2 fits straight into would be preferred.

Any help, hints and tips would be greatly appreciated.


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May 27, 2009
I think I have found most of the answers I needed over on the EVGA forums. I would still like some recomendations on cases that fit the sr-2 with dual PSU compartments, that dont need modding. And if anyone is using the supermicro coolers i have on an sr-2, would like to know if there were any poblems with fitting etc.

Bitspower X-Station Multi-PSU Active Module - Red


This is one wat to have multi psu's and have them all come on at the same time.

Dual PSU 24-Pin Adapter Cable


This is another option and probably will suit your needs for two psu's.

Remote/Secondary Power Supply Starter Cable - Sleeved


This is also an option that you could consider as you can turn on the second power supply independently from the main psu. Hope these options help.
Mountain Mods U2-UFO, Extended U2-UFO, Ascension, Extended Ascension, Pinnacle 18 or Pinnacle 24 with HPTX tray assembly, Lian Li PC-P80 These are listed on the Evga site as being able to accomodate the Sr-2