Question Dual R5 430 Graphics Cards via PCI-E 16X Slot & PCI-E Riser Adapter Card


Jun 29, 2009
I have a surplus of Dell XE3 SFF PCs. They come with an R5 430 card. My daughter plays Genshin Impact and apparently this PC can't handle it. The R5 430 card takes the only PCI-E 16X slot on the MB. I have a free PCI-E X1 slot. If I use a riser adapter card with another R5 430 card, will she be able to play Genshin Impact? I also have an HD 6970 2G GDDR5 card (much bigger card) that won't fit in the case but can connect via the riser adapter card. Would this be a better choice?
Neither the game, nor the R5 430 card supports Crossfire so multiple cards will not help you.

Fortunately the game is only DX11 and the HD6970 is a monster of a DX11 card so is worth a try if you have the PSU to power a 250w card. I can attest that game and its rootkit run fine on cards not meeting the stated minimum GT1030 requirement


It's not likely that machine is going to have a power supply that can handle a HD 6970. A reference HD 6970 is going to draw 250W, and require a 6-pin and an 8-pin. 600W is considered the bare minimum PSU to use with that card. Factory overclocked cards will draw higher.