Question Dual system advise AMD+Intel with 5000$ budget


Feb 9, 2009
The new AMD chips are coming soon, and I have to choose, or try, and do both systems for no good reason at all (well, maybe).

Not a gamer here, but I want Intel for my media consumption, and 4K library (Nvidia consumer cards + Intel casting abilities), but I also need a more future roof machine for productivity (Solidworks, Autocad work), and it's so confusing to pick the right hardware for the latter with so much info out there.

Is a dual system such a dumb idea, it might just work?

Can one try, and get the best of both worlds moderately evenly with such budget?

Please advise.
Are you possibly referring to one of those stupid cases that holds two mainboards? :)

I like Intel but....'Intel for media consumption'...what does that even mean? :)

A single 2700X or 9900K should more than suffice unless your workload is so restricted over video processing/rendering that more than 8 cores might make sense...

AMD is releasing a 12 core mainstream CPU in ~30 days that might be right up your alley....$499, plus probably $250 for an X570 mainboard, and, $200-$250 for a 32 GB RAM kit (16 GB x 2), plus $225 for a 2 TB Intel 660P NVME/M.2 drive...


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