Dual vs Triple channel RAM for this setup


Dec 21, 2010
So I'm going for new RAM and I'm wondering if someone could tell me which set would be better for me. I have an AMD 955 on a Asus M4N98TD Evo and I'm hoping to get 12GB of memory. Problem is I know AMD doesn't support triple channel, so would it be bunped down to single channel? Would you think this: triple channel, or another set would be better? The main thing I need new memory for is video editing, I need to load large video files into the memory as fast as possible when editing. Anyone care to help?


The motherboard you are interested in (Asus M4N98TD Evo) only supports up to dual channel memory.

I'll be honest, you will get by just fine with dual channel as opposed to triple channel.

Video editing can use alot of memory, so be sure you have a good amount, I would recommend 8GB or more, just to be safe.