Dual-vsta 775 + 8800gts, should I upgrade?

Duke Lion

Oct 27, 2007

My current setup is:

Asrock dual-vsta 775 (PCI-E 4x)
2gb ddr2 ram
8800 gts /320mb

I originally bought the mobo for a 7900 gt (which broke shortly after). I didn't know that the board was only 4x :(

I was wondering if it's worth upgrading to a PCI-E 16x board? if yes, what are some good, cheap boards?

I saw the PCI-E scaling analysis article on here.. They ran benchmarks on a 320mb 8800gts, but only in 2 games. In CoD 2 there was a difference of almost 50% and in Quake 4 it was under 10%. In 3D mark06 it was 800 points.

I run games at 1280x1024 if that makes any difference.


It was a "crossover" board from AGP to PCI-E. Little easier to upgrade....until 8x and 16x pci-e cards came out.