[SOLVED] Dual windows OS running slow etc.


Sep 16, 2017
Specs: Ryzen 7 3700x
Rtx 2080 super
32gbs 3200mhz ddr4 corsair
B550 msi mpg gaming plus
1tb hdd 7200rpm
256gb m.2 samsung [Main win10 here up to date]
512gb sata ssd
2tb 7200rpm hdd [Secondary win10 here]
850w gold psp

My problem is that im trying to install old nvidia drivers to get nvidia 3d vision to work again, without having to constantly uninstall and reinstall drivers. I thought setting up a dual bios would solve that. Before i could test anything, the secondary windows 10 OS ran so slow theres a 20+ second delay to opening files etc. Very unusable, which suprised me given my specs. Ill try to include as much detail as i can here. I used a 2tb hdd and shrunk its size so i could partition and install windows to it. I made it 1tb each. I never had problems with the drive before, it ran decently fast before this. When creating a new volume to the hdd, i did it in my main OS and assigned it a letter. Upon finishing startup, it grabbed my old wallpaper on my main os. Which was kind of a bad sign to me as my sole intent was this was to keep them seperate. I dont know alot about how windows 10 works with dual os's but I figured this would be pretty simple. Does anyone know if theres a better way to do this?

Upon updating windows 10 on the secondary drive, ive lost the ability to boot to my main OS. Woah. I reboot, hit f11 and only my main drive shows up. When i click on it, it brings me to my secondary OS, which runs terribly. Very strange. I am very lost.
I don't see anything wrong there.
You have single bootloader on 250GB disk. This means only 250GB disk is bootable.
You can't boot from any other disks. Not sure, why you need F11 there, because you don't.

When booting up your pc, you should have an option to boot in either instances of windows.
There should be a choice like this:

So - you don't get that OS selection choice? Am I understanding this right?

Execute following command from elevated command prompt and show screenshot with command output:
How to open elevated command prompt:
You're not showing full command output. At least 1/3 is missing.
From what I can see, you should have OS selection menu when booting up your pc.
It might be visible for a very short time though.
Full command output would show timeout settings. Can't see it currently.