Question Dualband WiFi Antenna

Aug 16, 2019
Hello Forum,

I am looking for a WiFi Antenna, with these rough characteristics:
  • 2.4 and 5 Ghz (Dualband)
  • Two of the antennas will be mounted to a WiFi card --> SMA-Female connectors required
  • Antennas should be runnable in STA as well as AP mode (not simultaneously, but switching should be possible)
  • 802.11 ac/n/g/b/a
  • Dual Polarized
  • Omni Directional
I am quite new to the field, hence I have a few questions:
  • I am wondering if any antenna supports both STA and AP mode?
  • Does any 5 Ghz antenna also support 802.11 ac?
  • This antenna looks promising to me. What do you think?
Thank you in advance!


Pretty much you are over analyzing this. Antenna are more or less stupid pieces of wire. The length of the wire determine the optimum frequency. Although there maybe antenna tuned to say 2.4g or 5g because they are almost a exact multiple of 2 most antennas work good on either band.

The antenna has no idea what type of data you send over it, it has no electronics so it has no concept of things like 802.11ac. It just increases the strength of whatever signals it receives.

You would have to look very hard to find anything other rp-sma connectors. Almost any antenna meant for wifi used will have those connectors. If you find antenna with other connector types many time those are designed for some other radio. This was mostly done to make it harder for people to connect very large antenna and exceed legal transmission power.
Aug 16, 2019
Thanks alot bill001g!

I already had the feeling that most antennas are rather dumb. Nonetheless I could not find an article saying so... But I assume there must be a difference between a cheap 5 $ and a 40 $ antenna?

Best, Teosch
Not really unless they are very different in db gain or if they are different types like one is directional.

For simple omni antenna it really is just a piece of wire of a certain length that is optimal. If it was not so hard to properly connect the end connectors to the wire you could make your own.