Question Ducky One2 mini stopped working


Dec 26, 2017
Ive had the ducky one 2 mini for about a month now with very few issues. Sometimes when I plug it in it wouldn't detect inputs but a few replugs did the trick. Just today I unplugged it and plugged it back in later and it wasn't detecting inputs again but this time replugs weren't helping. When I plugged it in I would see a white lighting on the caps-lock and the 1 key for just a second when I plugged it in.

As the keyboard was still not detecting my inputs I decided to try hitting the 1 key just as I plugged it in to see if that might help (stupid, I know). This caused it to start detecting inputs but to also have the colour wave background lighting mode flicker when I enabled a recorded lighting mode. When I had no recorded lighting modes on, the colour wave effect would work fine but when I overlay a recorded lighting mode to my wasd keys it would make the colour wave flicker.

I tried reinstalling firmware but that just furthered the problem. After the firmware update, the keyboard would no longer light up or detect inputs. As of now ive tried putting it into different computers and changing the usb cable but it wont even detect inputs or light up. At this point I think ive made the lighting flickering problem worse by reinstalling firmware and causing it to not detect input at all.

I would appreciate any help you guys could offer,