Dude! you're getting a 3 legged Dell


Feb 1, 2006
Ya know it's getting really close to that April fools day and I swear if it wasn't just over a month away I would highly suspect this story http://www.tomshardware.com/2008/02/16/_exclusive_dell_set_to_introduce_amd_tri_core_phenom/ as a big fool of a joke.

It's almost commical if you ask me especially when you read down a bit and get to the code name "Heineken". I wonder how Dell peeps would even come up with such a code name? Was it a kegger party in which they all gathered around + got seriously drunk + decided to use the '3 cylinder pony'? lol. If anyone is NOT laughing I guess that would be Heineken.

I guess the kegger is the only logical reason Dell would be doing this. If this is by chance an early April fool's joke... lol. You gize have to wake up pretty early to fool most of us these days. :heink:

The other reason would be they are looking to replace the AMD units they are no longer selling on their website. Not sure why they would choose the tri-cores over the full blown Phenom Quads, but whatever, it's their money.