Question Duel channel with different RAM Brands?

Sep 19, 2019
I am currently running a single channel 8GB @ 2400 card. I have an ancillary slot in this laptop, for which I bought a second 8GB @ 2400 card. The second card is a different brand than the stock card. Dell claims that the different brands will still allow the laptop to run in duel channel mode. Can someone confirm that this is true? The stock card is an SK Hynix and the second card is a Crucial.
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Memory manufacturers guarantee memory in the form sold. Other combinations you make, including exact match, same thing, identical have no guarantee to be compatible together.

What's guaranteed for your laptop is a kit of two modules.
Since you already have the second stick, go ahead and try it and see how you do.
Assuming you can boot, you will certainly be running dual channel.
CPU-Z will verify that for you.
My limited experience with such upgrades is very good.

You could go to the crucial ram upgrade app.
Enter the make/model of your laptop and see if the ram you bought appears on the crucial ok to upgrade list.