Duff GPU or Motherboard?


Sep 17, 2014
A couple weeks back I upgraded my build to sport the following:

  • Intel i7 6700K - (New)
    Gigabyte GA-G150N Phoenix WIFI - (New)
    Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 2666Mhz CL16 XMP 2.0 (new)
    GTX 660 TI (Inherited from old build)
    Corsair CS650M PSU (Inherited from old build)
The build performed fine for about a 1 and half weeks although I only ever playing games on it. Yesterday, while playing Overwatch the display from the GPU dropped entirely. No warning what so ever, performance was what I was used to even up to crash. I restarted fine then proceeded to run a registry cleaner and tried to re install GPU drivers. While I was on the Nvidia site to identify the card it once again happened. However I got the drivers and re installed them and everything seemed fine. I tried playing Overwatch again after 15 mins it happened. This time when I tried to boot it would not post. The motherboard lights would come on and The HD had activity but none of the fans would spin. After re -seating the RAM and the CPU and taking out the Graphics card the system posted and booted into windows. I attempted later to put in the GPU and it was fine. It is currently working but I dare not do anything demanding of the GPU till I get some opinions on what might be the problem.

I looked around and I guess the PSU could be failing but I have no idea how to test for it. It clearly will pass the paper clip test since it powers on

EDIT : Swapped out the GTX 660 TI with an MSI Gaming X GTX 1070 8GB and gave me 6 hours of great performance expected from the card before the display once again dropped after I exited the game. I'm pretty convinced it is the PSU at this point which has degraded and is failing to keep the system afloat.


1) May monitor the cpu or GPU temp by software like HWiNFO64 or MSI afterburner
2) May test the gtx660ti in other pc to see it works fine or not.
3) Also may try use onboard iGPU to run the game in lower setting. If you can run the game fine with onboard iGPU, and the PSU may have problem. Or go to the BIOS, maybe the hardware monitor section to check the +3.3V, +5V, and +12V. And the PSU Voltage Tolerances http://pcsupport.about.com/od/insidethepc/a/power-supply-voltage-tolerance.htm
4) May test the RAM one by one with MemTest86