Dumb question... I'll ask anyway...Imac GPU ?


Oct 27, 2012
Your better off asking this question on a Mac forum, Knowing apple products I highly doubt it, It`s more than likely locked with the hardware it came with, when it comes to apple products you are limited to just how much hardware you can update and replace.


Aug 12, 2012
changing hardware on a mac is almost impossible. they really are not like pc's where you can just change a GPU and it'll turn right on. Weaselman is right, it will be "locked" in the configuration it came as with a few exceptions. you MIGHT be able to swap the GPU with another one that was an option at the time it was new, but thats about it. I bought a G5 mac pro and read about upgrading the graphics, the options were limited to what came stock with a FEW exceptions, and those exceptions involved flashing a custom ROM on to the GPU and HOPING it works..

if you go to http://www.tonymacx86.com/forum.php which is a site for building a "Hackintosh" you'll quickly see the hardware limitions and how much work it takes to make something NON-MAC work in a MAC