Question Dumb question incoming! (about fps)


Feb 24, 2020
Ok, many of us have an obsession with fps but I struggle to get my head around the whole thing. I mean, Ive seen people worried that their 250fps system is now only playing at 150fps etc (just an example.). Obviously there is an issue with really low fps,(like well under 60,) but ive read the human eye can only detect somewhere between 30-60 fps in most scenarios so why the concern if your system goes from 250 to 150? Also, isnt it ultimately determined by your monitor, eg 60hz, 144hz and 240hz? (which unless im wrong, it also corresponds to what refresh rate per second these monitors can run at, eg 60 fps 144fps 240fps?) So if a GPU is running at 150 fps but on a 60hz monitor, isnt it only truly running at 60fps? Can someone point me to an article or link that explains all this really well please.


POISON. That's all it is.
Some people get so hung up on it that they forget to enjoy the darn games...

300+fps on a 144hz monitor? But recently have been getting dips into the 200s? But, this Youtube video -!
^Or some other nonsense like that.
WHO. GIVES. A. !!!

I get monitoring things once or twice to make sure things are working normally, but all the time? Those folks need help.
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The only argument I have heard for very high fps way above the monitors refresh rate that sort of makes sense to me is the following. Very high fps reduces latency, the frame that actually gets displayed is newer and therefore more accurate to where the computer believes players are. If playing at a professional level every fraction of a millisecond counts and could be the difference between killing or being killed.
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E-peen and bragging rights. Mostly e-peen, I think.

Even when some of us tell them they can't see that anyway, no one seems to care; they still want a digital counter to show them a theoretical number, to keep their dopamine running...
Like I said, it's bloody poison.

I'm just a 'filthy casual', so what would I know? I don't even play the select few games that would benefit from it; they're not my cup of tea.

And in the esports world, they turn down all the eyecandy, in search of max FPS. Completely understandable.
In competitive
Yep. 2080Ti/3080/3090 at 1080p. Turn all eye candy down - at times, even resolution... makes perfect sense. 👌
They didn't just defeat the entire purpose of getting such a card, nope.
A 2070 Super or 3060 wouldn't have done the same thing because they'd be cpu and ram frequency bound, nope.

Nothing to see here, I'm not secretly LMAO on the other side of the screen at how silly it is, not at all...

Ok, Imma step out now.
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