Dummy Display & nVidia chipset


Jul 27, 2009
Hi Guys n Gals,

After perusing the web on a number of occasions and coming up empty handed I figured I'd finally take it to the experts. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

I'm looking to rack mount a PC and have a headless configuration of a dual monitor setup on a GeForce FX 5200 chipset. This is a remotely accessed PC where the display settings are mimicked on the remote users side thus giving the look and feel of dual monitors on the far side while maintaining very high performance in our very resource intensive mapping program. Currently I have an LCD and a CRT plugged into it to allow the configuration to work. In the rack mount configuration I would obviously like to get away with a single connection to the KVM in the rack and would like to "somehow trick Windows XP/the GeForce card into thinking it has a second LCD connected at all times.

I know it's probably clear as mud but I'm open to clarifying if anyone thinks they can point me in the right direction. :pt1cable:

Thanks for any help you might provide!