Dunno where the problem lies...


Jul 3, 2003
I am not sure where the problem lies to this issue.

I have recently assembled a new pc after having come over from the mac platform.

My hardware is as follows.
Asus p4p800 mobo
intel pentium4 2.4
ati radeon 9000 (128 mb ddr) video card
asus 52x cdrom/memorex 52/24/52 cd-rw/generic floppy
128 mb 2700 ram

NOw i was a bit cheaper on some parts to get into a pc, but others i have heard (afte reading the reviews on them) were of decent caliber.

My issue has been trying to run some games. Specifically: RTCW, Enemy territory and command and conquer: generals. With all of these games - online or off, I am experiencing a heavy lag (to explain it best), whether that comes from the video or processor or what - I'm not sure.

I was told that it may be in my drivers, or it may have to do with direct x (information to follow).

My pc knowledge is limited as to the function of some of these drivers and which ones are best. I was careful to make diskimages all along the way, so i can revert to any stage that may be needed, but i'd love to know the cause of this.

I installed:
win 2000
chipset drivers*
lan drivers*
sound drivers*
usb 2.0 drivers*
ati drivers
direct x 8.1

and i updated windows.

Any help that can be lent would be highly appreciated.


Jun 18, 2003
as per the h/w, everything seems to be fine except the amount of memory. try upgrading. Win2000 is not that preffarable for gaming compared to win98 or even WinME. Just check if there are too many progrmas in the background, disable active desktop if enabled, try playing the games at low resolution. But try to add more memory.