Duplicate Controller Entries

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System DELL Optiplex GSX270 XP PRO

Device Manager pic: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/192/drives.jpg/

Are these duplicate Controller entries valid ? (see link, above)

I have installed two separate secondary drives, cable select, maxtor 1st, then replaced
with Western Digital. - Older models, but they work fine in my DELL Dimension 4400, XP Home.
Impossible to find updated drivers via MFG or Windows.

On either drive, attempting to write to them, or run chkdsk on them, on
the XP PRO System, everything slows to a crawl, and process monitor shows
excessive Intrupts 85%-95% for hardware interrupts & DPC's.

Put them back in the XP Home computer, and they work fine.
You shouldn't have two primary and secondary IDE controllers and possibly the PCI IDE channels. You can always delete those entries in the device manager and reboot. Windows will then reinstall the correct drivers.
Evidently the 2nd primary & scdy ctlrs were for CD/RW device (they were regenerated on reboot.


Not sure which of the following cured the Problem, but under the IDE\Atap\Atapi Controller there were duplicate entries for Primary, plus Secondary IDE channels, and Standard Dual channel PCI IDE Controller.

Someone suggested that wasn't correct, and to delete & reboot and new drivers would be installed.
I opted to only uninstall the duplicate entries for each.
At the IDE/Atap/Atapi controller level, I did a scan for hardware changes which added ATA Storage Controller.

After reboot the dupe primary & scdy were regenerated (I assume for the CD/RW device).
The duplicate Standard Dual channel PCI IDE Controller disappeared.
A new Ultra ATA Storage controller was added.

Drives are functioning ok now. Thanks for your responses



Jul 12, 2011
Has anyone tried <a href="http://smartduplicatefinder.com">Smart Duplicate Finder </a>this thing puts the others to shame. not only does it have crc32 and bit-bit compare, it also supports music meta tag comparison.
You can specify individual folders or entire drives anywhere connected to your system.

Hello Hawkeye: I will give you "Best Answer" , as you got me going in the right direction. I chose not to delete all entries, but rather deleted the duplicate entries. Evidently the Dupe IDE ctlr/chnnl was for the CDRW, as they reinstalled.
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