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Question Dust cleaning, no post afterwards.


Nov 24, 2014

My brother cleaned the dust out of his desktop earlier today and when he went to turn it back on everything lit up and spun up correctly, but no POST. We then started troubleshooting and eventually landed at the juncture of having reseated the ram, gpu, all gpu power connectors, and all the SATA connections. We tried to use the mobo video outs with the gpu taken out. We're still at square one of lighting up but no signal.

His specs are as follows:
Ryzen 7 1700
Evga 1070ti
Asus b350f
Gskill trident z 2x 8
Evga 650g3

He was grounded and at most brushed against the parts. Him and I are both stumped. Anyone have any idea?

Phillip Corcoran

Since the Ryzen 7 1700 has no iGPU, you won't get any video signal from any of the motherboard ports anyway, so that is not a part of your problem.

A brush should not have been used for cleaning PC internals. It's all very well saying you were earthed or grounded but the brush-bristles themselves may have been statically charged when they touched the graphics card.

Grounding yourself only works for when you are touching the components directly with your fingers, not when you are holding a brush.

Can you try the GPU on another PC?