Dust Overheating CPU?


Nov 18, 2009
I first got this system (in my sig) about 3 months ago. So far I've noticed absolutely no slowing down of it or anything like that. However, the temperature of my CPU has risen significantly. When I first got it, I could play almost any game while keeping the CPU below 60C at all times. Now, when I play MW2 it shoots up to about 64-65C and it gets to 69C when playing GTA IV for only a few minutes. I was wondering what the cause of this would be. My first thoughts were either bad thermal paste or the dust has already accumulated enough to significantly change temperatures, and those are still my only thoughts. I do plan on getting a third party Heatsink + Fan (Hopefully the Dark Knight, unless you can suggest a better one), but I would like a temporary fix to this.


Apr 25, 2006

What kind of system do you have, did you build it or did you purchase it.

It could be that the heatsink is not making full contact with the cpu. I would check that first. If it is an intell system with the push pin heat sink then that could be it.


Aug 15, 2006

bro first of all i dont think that a 3 months old system can get that much of dust so that it starts getting hot. secondly i dont think there might be any fitting problems of the heatsink because this problem started now but before this it ran cooler. i think its not a problem that your temps go upto 65 degrees or even 69 as it isnt that high. use your system and enjoy it and if u feel that it has risen even higher than 72 degrees then think about it. games nowadays are demanding and they use your system and with this usage temps go up. hope i helped.

Well thats depending on the case fans direction. If you got more intake fans bringing air in the case than out-take fans taking the air out, the case will have more dust in it.


Dec 12, 2007
3 months is a long time. Depending on where the case is it can accumulate a lot of dust. I built a system for a friend and in about 3 months it had a dust problem. It was on the floor of his room that has a wooden floor and a cat in the room. A dust/hair ball ended up forming in the GPU cooling solution resulting a awful sound coming from the machine. It was the GPU fan hitting the hairball.