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hi one and all,

have a project coming up that requires a single dvd capable of:

a. playing in a standard set top dvd player

b. playing in computer and displaying offline web content as well

have created numerous cd's where video is accessed via web menu (cd's are
auto run, bring up menu, and video content in the form of mpg1 or mpg2.

obviously if i create a dvd normally, i can add another folder (say,
webcontent) into which i put all my offline files, and the dvd player will
ignore this and play normally...

my questions are:

a. how do i set up the dvd for computer use. if they have auto run enabled,
wont it simply play the dvd automatically?

b. how do i link from my html page to the dvd video? what, or rather, which
file should i point to as source for such a link?

using dvdlab to create dvd....

as ever, thanks in advance,



Archived from groups: alt.video.dvd.authoring,rec.video.desktop (More info?)

The easiers method would be to have 2 separate disc - 1 for DVD
playback & 1 for PC playback (for the offline web content). My rule of
thumb is that its better to have 2 discs as backup. Meaning if one were
to malfunction, the other can still be used. Never combine 2 separate
content into 1 disc.

Also you can't play DVD video directly from a HTML page. It must be
videos which you browser recognise & have its plug-ins for playing MPG1
or 2, QuickTime or Real format. DVD video is in VOB format which cannot
be played directly without some changes to the file.
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