Question dvd and other probs

Nov 18, 2019
Hello all I am new here and not verry tech savy so please bear with me a bit.
I have an older p.c I bought about five years ago second hand all worked fine until my cmos battery failed and had to be replaced earlier this year then one of the dvd writers started playing up not reading all disks etc I removed said drive and carried on with the one other drive.All worked well again for a few months until the other dvd writer started having the same issues.I got a new dvd writer and installed it but the same problems continued i.e not reading some dvd"s it wrote a n audio cd but did not close it when set to do so, it will play cd"s but not let me drag and drop tracks to dvd drive although I have tried software that supports this.
I was on another forum and tried many things to fix this i.e.holding down shift ,alt,esc and combinations of these while attempting to drag and drop no joy. I have run windows trouble shooting and it says all the hardware is working properly and all the drivers are up to date.
Also I tried doing a clean install of windows 7 HP service pack 1 32bit however all the same problems exist. I was told by some people I need to reinstall some drivers for the motherboard while others said everything should be in this version of windows! Maybe I do but as the same problems are there before and after reinstalling windows I doubt this will solve all my problems still I guess it could be worth a try.
I don" know what make the p.c. is there is nothing on the case but it has an as rock motherboard and an intel quad core 2.4ghz processor
Just one more thing I tried to install some software from a usb stick and it did not load some of the contents i.e loops although the box was checked prior to installation
Thanks in advance for any help
yours Glen
Hi there,

This is a fix that may work for you. You remove the upper/lower filters from the windows registry. Then once you reselect the region you are in for whatever software you use, you should then be able to use the drive like normal.