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DVD and VIA chipset



Here is my problem:

I just built a new Athlon abit KT7A system and I can't seem to play DVD's anymore. I used my DVD dirve from my previous system which was a PIII Iwill system. I'm also using PowerDVD.

I didn't have any probems before with the DVD drive and PowerDVD. Now when I for example put in ALIEN I can see the FBI warning screen and then the movie is shown scambled. It is almost like it isn't being "DeCSS's". This is confirmed by trying to run DeCSS and it reports that.

Error getting disk key
Title might not be encrypted!

But as we all know ALIEN is encrypted. I have tried other movies and they all report the same error.

Is there any isues with VIA chipsets and IDE DVD drives?


I solved my own problem----

The solution was found on these boards. I read in another post that that after installing BF2 (I call them bug fixes not service packs) all of his dives showed up correctly. Seeing that I'm still waiting for DSL connection I downloaded BF2 at work and applied it.

All Fixed!!!

My Thanks to THGC!!!!
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