Question DVD boot disk works with virtual hardware but not physical

May 3, 2020
Bios is set to boot from the cd drive. I have three bootable operating systems that work fine. 7, 10 and 10. All three will read and burn disks. On one of the O/S I have three virtual machines and each of those can successfully read and burn. While creating a new virtual machine there is no problem booting from a real dvd. On the real machine I have tried to boot a linux disk, and a couple of windows disks (for trouble shooting), the dvd drive reads for a few seconds, pauses for 45 seconds, then crashes with a screen full of red numbers and letters. Actually, the first time it happened I was booting an Ubuntu distro, and it got half way through the install and failed. After a reboot without a dvd I find one of my partitions and it O/S totally gone (unallocated space). Ever since then the bios does not like to boot any bootable disk. Where is my problem? In the bios?

My motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-970A-D3 x64 processor is AMD FX 8350 eight core 4000 mhz 4 core 8 logical
Bios is 2.4 embedded controller is 255.255 bios mode=legacy 32gigs ram

Two days later....................There has been no suggestions, so i will try to set bios to fail-safe
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