DVD burner in Windows 7


Nov 12, 2012
My DVD burner software in Windows 7 has quit working. The drive will recognize a recorded disc and display and pla ythe contents. If I put in a blank disc, it will pop up the "What do you want to do" window and will start the process by allowing you to choose as USB or Data disc and will allow you to name the disc. The DVD window opens but you can not Drag and drop. Highlighting the files and clicking burn, copy and paste or send to options do not work either. The computer will just ding like it received an incorrect command. I do have a CD/DVD burning software program installed and it works to burn discs. I had not used it before today. This came installed on the system. I have not installed, deleted, downloaded or made any changes to my system. One day the disc burning function in Windows 7 worked and the next day it didn't. I ran the troubleshooter for burning discs and it said everything was fully functional. I prefer the Windows 7 option to running a separate program. I have rebooted and I also tried a rollback to a previous date. Nothing has worked.

The computer is HP and is about 1 yr old. It came with Windows 7 home premium. This is not an upgrade from a different operating system. I am very technical, but this has me stumped.

I would appreciate any help.


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