Dvd Burner issues


Aug 24, 2015
Hi I have 2 dvd burners in my computer My desktop running windows 10 home If I have a disk in thew one of the burners and I go to restart the computer it hangs at the very first screen which is American Microtrends. If you have the logo disabled in the bios if you have it enabled then you will be presented with the gigabyte splash screen, if you will.

When I have a disk in one of the 2 burners that I have and I restart the computer it hangs for a while at the American Microtrends screen. I know why because the burner is trying to read from the disk that's in there and it cant because theres a problem. Then it goes through to windows. That's how I know there's a problem with the 2 burners.

When I get into windows 10 I put in dvd 's or cd's doesn't matter which one I can hear the dvd start up and the light blinks but nothing happens I do not get an error nothing. Same with the second drive also.I have tried right clicking and going into the directory of the dvd manually but all it does is reopen the drive.

I tried changing the letters of both of the drives in disk managment but that did not fix the issue either. I also ran a Microsoft fix it did not fix it. So My question is do you think the Laser lense is bad and the drives need to be replaced?

What I also tried is unplugging the drives from inside the computer but there are 2 cables plugged into both dvd burners. And I was not sure if I was suppossed to unplug the sata cable or the other cable or both. So i unplugged the sata cable for both drives and it did not fix the problem. So if I unplugg the other cable for both the drives you think that (Might) fix the problem with the burners not reading or writing?

Thank you!

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The drives pausing to read the disk is normal if you have the drive before the hard drive in the boot options, that is a normal settings. I usually change the BIOS to set the hard drive first so there is no pausing while it boots, you can go change the boor order and set the hard drive first.

If you can't open any of the disks when they are in the drive, you can try to reseat the cables (both of them, one is power and one is data) and see if the helps It'd odd if both of them would stop working at the same time but it can happen.

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