Dvd drive not working


Mar 8, 2010
my dvd drive went wrong after i bet it.it was making me fool. it was reading cd/dvd once in a while.

how to sort it out?

thanks in advance.
Try running that through google translate again. It might help. If not, here's the best I can do:

-I believe you said you "bent it". What did you bend? What part of the dvd drive? And under what circumstances? What kind of drive? If you don't know, at least figure out if it is a laptop or desktop drive.

-I do not understand the "it was making me fool" at all

-For the last part you are saying it reads once in a while. so I'm going to guess that it works intermittently since you bent whatever on it you bent.

Try to get us those additional details. In the meantime, try the following:
-make sure all connections are secure.


lol, ah some of the newcommers english is subliminal messages.

bent what?!the media/disk maybe... dvd tray? :S I think the lens on the dvd drive has given up.

Answer in short - get a new drive, if problem persists consult doctor.