Question DVD-R not recognized by Windows 8.1


DVD-R (Read only).

One time recordable - are you trying to record?

My initial thought/thinking was that you were trying open movie DVD's etc. and that was what was failing. (Not recognized.)

Are the DVD's new and completely blank? What capacity?

Are you trying to save/write data to those Philips DVD's? Or perhaps recover data from them?

Very much the same questions but more information is needed.

E.g., the source of the DVDs you bought - the DVD's could be the wrong media, perhaps faulty, or even counterfeit.


Is Phillips the DVD drive and/or the DVD-RWs?

Make and model USB External DVD drive?

What brand DVD's.

Does that USB External DVD drive have its' own power supply?

What bootable OS DVD's are you making? What copy/cloning process are you using?


I am no longer able to follow the problem(s) you are describing.

First you list Windows 8.1 as the OS and DVD-R as the media.

Then that evolves to you using DVD-RW media and apparently trying to copy files using Windows 10 DVD maker.

[Sidebar regarding Windows 10 DVD Maker: "Windows DVD Maker is a decent option for creating discs but only on Windows 7 version of the OS. The software does not work on Windows 10/8 and other OS versions and thus a Windows DVD Maker Windows 7 alternative is needed."]

What DVD software application do you have installed?

You are; however, apparently using Phillips DVD-RW 4.7 GB Optical Media provided that I correctly followed your posted response.

And another issue:

The Device Manager screenshot shows the optical drive as "Slimtype DVD A DS8A5SH USB device".

Listed/shown as a DVD/CD ROM drive.

You cannot burn DVD's/CD's to a ROM drive.

And you did not answer what OS you are trying to copy.

If you are trying to make copies of some Windows OS version that is piracy and we will not assist with piracy.

Update your post to clarify what you are doing and to correct any misunderstandings on my part.
Dec 31, 2020
I don't have a DVD application I use windows explorer
My laptop doesn't have a DVD drive so I got an external one.
The DVD doesn't show in explorer when it's inside the drive
right Now I'm trying to burn Windows 7
One of them works I burned it and every time it comes up but the blank ones never comes up
What if it's just a bad blank DVD? It happens. Happened to me quite often with CD's and DVD's 50/100 tower. I'd say a bunch of them were unreadable.

I can propose to you a easier way that people have been using for quite some time now that doesn't require you to burn any DVD ever again for OS install.

If you're interested.
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