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This applies to XP also...
Missing Drives in My Computer and Windows Explorer;en-us;191579

[[The popular CDGONE patch. CD drives may vanish in Windows Explorer, Device
Manager, etc. if a third-party CD-burning package has been uninstalled and
Registry references for some code modules aren’t removed successfully. This
patch and a reboot usually will restore the missing drives. Any third
party package still required will then have to be re-installed. ]]

My CD drives have vanished (from Explorer, Device Manager, etc.)
[[This happens quite often if one of the third-party packages has been
uninstalled. They add references in the Registry for modules which they use,
and these references fail to be removed, leaving Windows unable to find the
files apparently needed for CD devices at the next boot. There is a simple
Registry patch to correct this.

Restore CD/DVD Drives to Explorer

CD-ROM drive or DVD-ROM drive appears to be missing after you install
Windows XP;en-us;320553

CD-ROM Access Is Missing and Messages Cite Error Code 31, Code 32, Code 19,
or Code 39 After You Remove Easy CD Creator in Windows XP;en-us;314060

Hope this helps. Let us know.

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> Shows up in device manager but no where else and am unable to access
> it?


Mar 19, 2013

thanks for this post it works "Restore CD/DVD Drives to Explorer"
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