Question DVI and VGA issues


Apr 6, 2018
I have a Lenovo 0967B5U desktop running Windows 11. It has a VGA port and a DVI port. I have a VGA monitor and an HDMI monitor. I cannot have both monitors on at the same time. When only the VGA monitor is connected, it's fine but when the HDMI monitor is connected (DVI to HDMI adapter), the VGA monitor goes to sleep and the HDMI monitor keeps saying "No signal." When the VGA monitor is disconnected the HDMI monitor still doesn't come on. Is there a solution to this issue? Thanks.
  1. Maybe the DVI to HDMI adapter has problem, because the HDMI use the digital signal only. Posted which adapter you had.
  2. Maybe you need to go into the BIOS to set the video port setting like: auto, something like that. You can check the manual online to see how to.