Question DVI-D no signal on windows startup

Jun 13, 2019
A few days ago while I was updating my video drivers my PC randomly changed resolution and then shut down. After it shut down I tried turning it on again and after the starting windows screen, my monitor turned off and said DVI-D no signal. I heard in my headset the starting noise when windows boots up your desktop. I've tried multiple things to potentially fix it but none have worked.

I've tested my friends old GPU in my PC and instead of my monitor turning off the screen just went black and stayed like that.
Tried putting in a new PSU but the same problem persisted.
Tried switching RAM between each module and it still happened.
Tried an HDMI cable and the same thing happened.
The onboard graphics works and my monitor does turn on and work fine.
Right now I really think it could be my harddrive somehow failing but I'm looking for any suggestions to help fix this problem!