Question Dvi-D Out of Range - Win 7 wont boot

Mar 19, 2019
So I recently upgraded the pc I built in around 2012 and actually paid to go back to Windows 7 because Windows 10 is a worse disaster than the bay of pigs in terms of a functional OS.

I have a modern GPU (GTX 1050ti) and LG monitor (can’t get you a speccy I can’t boot anything but a blank screen with “DVI-D out of range 187.2 kHz / 85Hz)

I have attempted other fixes, have run Windows in safe mode multiple times in an attempt to change the resolution (which it won’t let me do) and I cannot for the life of me find where to change refresh rate in Wind 7 settings.

I am not particularly techical, but I know how to navigate control panel.

What are my options here, if any? This is the first time it’s had this problem since I built it. And the only thing different is it’s run off an SSD instead of a mechanical hard drive. I will note it for some reason asked me to install Direct X recently for a steam game.

Update: my monitor is LG Flatron E2411T-BN was manufactured Sept 2011. Was working, played battlefield 4 and some Steam games in the days immediately prior .

Tried to boot one game (SWTOR) and now this error is preventing Windows from booting normally.
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