Question dvi monitor showing 'no signal' when connecting to hdmi laptop using adapter

Aug 12, 2022
i need help
so here goes
today i bought the acer g226hql monitor(used, its an old monitor) so I can use it with my laptop, and with Samsung dex. My laptop is the dell latitude e7450 with core i5 and intel had 5500. It is running windows 10 pro. First I bought an HDMI cable with a dvi adapter so I could connect it to the display (HDMI port on laptop, dvi port on monitor). I connect it and the monitor says 'no signal'. I check all the connections, check everything and reconnect it and still the same problem. I go to display settings click detect and it isnt detecting anything, so I get the cable and the adapter replaced, try again and still the same problem. So now i connect another laptop, an old Inspiron and an even older lenovo one with a Pentium processor, and it connects just fine, so the problem isnt the monitor or the cables. Then, i get a vga cable and a vga to hdmi adapter and connect the latitude to the display and it works. But now, the colours are horrible and screen is flickering., but now I know the problem isn't the HDMI port on my laptop. My graphics drivers are all updated, my windows is updated, direct HDMI works on my laptop, I just don't know why this isn't working. Ive been trying the whole day to get this to work. Getting an HDMI monitor is not an option. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP