Question DVI port not working after installing nvidia drivers


Jun 11, 2018
Hi, let me tell you the story of how I got this problem. Might be long, But I need help. Please help me.

Chapter 1: INTRO
I had this pc and it was running fine. i5 4670k, GTX960, gigabyte h81, 16gb ram, a normal PSU (This PSU was from a local company, SADATA) and a Dell 2414 monitor. Monitor only has VGA and DVI ports and I connect it to GPU using the DVI port. Everything was fine until ...

Chapter 2: THE FALL
I decided to upgrade my GPU to GTX 980, a small upgrade but it's the only one in my budget. I swapped the GPUs. But the new GPU needed 2 (6+2 pin)s. My PSU did not have this luxury so I had to change the PSU. I bought another PSU, 600W Green Gaming PSU (another local PSU, but this is actually a good one, it has the 80plus thing). Then I connected the new PSU and connected the DVI cable to GPU.
But I ran into these problems:
  1. The post screen where it shows the motherboard logo, is huge and some of it is out of view. This image
  2. After getting into the windows 10, the GPU fans stop and I get no display. I can use anydesk and connect to the windows and see the windows is running and GTX 980 driver is installed.
  3. Upgraded the Nvidia driver, downgraded it too, but it did not fix.
  4. When try to enter BIOS, I get no display either! I can't see BIOS screen, boot menu, Q-flash.
  5. I tried the hard restarting PC so I can enter the windows recovery page. I did get there, I see a low res blurry version of it. But I can use the recovery options there. But when I enter the windows, the display turns black and say "Entering power saving mode".
  6. Using anydesk from another PC, I uninstalled the Nvidia driver. Then the display turned on! 800x600 resolution, but I can see the screen. As soon as I install any version of Nvidia driver, display turns black and says "entering power saving mode".
  7. I changed the resolution to 800x600 using anydesk, but still no display. (tried other resolutions too).
Chapter 3: NEW MONITOR
I had another monitor. LG 2214. I connected to my new PC and it worked just fine and the post screen with motherboard logo has the right size and resolution (This image). So I entered the BIOS and changed some settings around and tried these setting on the Dell Monitor, but none of them worked. The settings I changed are:
  1. Disabling the integrated GPU
  2. Turning off everything legacy and choosing UEFI
  3. Initial display input
  4. Some other random settings.
Chapter 4: THE CMOS
Tried resetting CMOS, but did not work. I might have done this wrong tho. I took the battery out and inserted it back right away.

Chapter 5: NEW PC
I have another PC: i5 2400, h61 motherboard, 8gb RAM, GTX 750 TI. Tried the DVI port on this PC and DELL monitor. Still the same problem as before. The GTX 750 TI has VGA port too. So I used a VGA port and connected to DELL monitor. It works! I get display using the VGA port. There are no VGA ports on GTX 980 so I can't test this method there.

I have a DELL monitor that using the DVI port, shows nothing, But with the VGA port, works fine.

Sorry for the long post, any help would be appreciated.
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