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Mar 16, 2004
I'm in the process of putting together a new box that will sit among the multitudes of A/V equipment that I have next to my TV. My idea is to have a way to connect the comp to my TV (Sony 51" Rear-projection) which is HD (1080i). I contacted the Sony people (for whatever thats worth) and they claimed that I can't hook up my computer to the TV via the DVI port on the back of the tv....

I have tried to use s-video for this same purpose using my current computer, and needless to say, it worked but the picture quality was marginal at best. I was running at a resolution close to 1024 x 768 and the text and icons were vaugely legible.

My quest for the perfect video card has continued on, and I just need some opinions on how to hook it all up. I'm going to get a shuttle box, so the card cant be a double slot one. Also, I was looking at a card along the lines of a ATI 9600 (xt, pro, either work i guess). I saw on the ATI site that they sell a convertor from VGA to composite video, which seems like a good idea, but im still in the dark on this topic.

Any help/suggestions would be great!

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Yeah, your best bet is to get a Radeon 9500 (or higher) and get the HDTV adapter from the Ati site.

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I WOULD suggest using the DVI connector. I believe both the TV and a standard flat panel display are 60Hz, the reason Sony said no is probably due to the resolution: the 1080i setting is a custom resolution for video cards. Assuming everything is set right it should provide a SUPERIOR image compared to the RGB adapter.

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