Dvorak in love with Quad FX

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Dec 14, 2005
"The Macintosh uses an experimental pointing device called a 'mouse.' There is no evidence that people want to use these things."
-- John C. Dvorak, SF Examiner, Feb. 1984.

Well, so much for John's judgement.


All kidding aside, all through my AMD-bashing, I'm still more than open in going with a Quad FX instead of my long-lusted-for 2xClovertown. Naturally it will have to be with quadcores sitting on each socket. If by the time I've finished holding up 7/11s and have the money to buy the system there is a choice in 2xQuads from AMD and Intel I will carefully weigh my options completely blind to brand. Bang for the buck is my only consideration. If Quad FX wins, then I'm whipping out my Visa card and starting my own QFX DaClan with Baron. :lol:
I have no illusions as to Dvorak's knowledge but I keep saying that there will be the same market for this as there was with FX62. Maybe 5% of the market.
Clovertown is still a wksta complete with FBDIMMS, which is just the same as Opteron. I don't want ANY server features. I do hope though that they drop a new rev that drops power to 89W.

I mean there is supposedly (HKEPC) an 89W 6000+ on the horizon running at 3GHz. 125W was fine for one proc but two is pushing it.

The good thing though is that CnQ will be in effect most of the time as things like Office and Firefox don't use very much CPU. If the mobo allows you to set the lowest CnQ clock speed, it's possible to run the chips at 800MHz for the average use case.


Apr 3, 2001
While Dvorak didn't say what RAID level he was planning, any solution with three drives is going to be silly for desktop use.
Netcell SyncRAID would seem ideal if you were aiming at a 3- or 5-drive solution. It makes more efficient use of HD space than a RAID mirror, and it's fast to boot. However, the cards that I currently know of are 66Mhz PCI, which is ok for 3 drives but less than ideal for 5. It's also somewhat expensive at $200+ for a 3-port.

In other words, RAID 10 with 4 drives probably makes more sense for typical desktop use, but 3 drives with the appropriate hardware is a nice solution too.


Aug 27, 2006
You have a point, but right now the only use for the second socket on the Asus 4x4 motherboard is for another FX-7x chip.

Leave the future alone, it'll come along later, and we can judge from hard facts instead of speculation/FUD. :wink:
Quad FX will be upgradeable to two quad cores for each socket, that's been established. What about replacing ONE CPU with a quad core and leaving the other as a dual? Would this work? Could this be a cheaper intermediate upgrade for Quad FX'ers? And if Latin numbering prefixes are adhered to, and if this setup would have a total of six cores, the result would be christened Sex FX :lol: . Look here.

Makes sense, right?