Question DWM.exe & Windows Hardware Error - Code 141 ?

Oct 24, 2021
Recently, my computer has been crashing. The screen goes black, the fans all kick into 100% speed. I checked Reliability monitor and it seams that DWM (Desktop windows manager) is crashing. I suspected the PSU was the issue so I replaced it, no luck. I then flashed my bio, updated all drivers, updated windows, and even completed a fresh install of windows. I also tried running DDU and reinstalling the nvidia drivers; no luck there. I also closely monitored thermals and nothing was out of the ordinary. I also ran memtest and windows memory diagnostic tool, nothing unusual. I now suspect it's my graphics card as this issue only seams to occur during heavy load in games, although it didn't crash when stress testing in furmark. Here's a screenshot of what the reliability shows - . I then tried running HWINFO64, I don't know how to read the log, but if anyone wishes to do so, I've put in an RMA for the GPU, I'd love to cancel it if someone knows what's wrong, and if at all, fixable.
  • Intel I7-9700k
  • RTX 2080S Gigabyte 8gb OC
  • MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Edge AC
  • SeaSonic 750w focus 80+ gold