DX10 vs DX11

Not a proper test in my mind; I see ever DX11 test on 7 is being skewed in favor of DX11.

Give me the following:
Test on Vista without DX11 API (DX10) [Baseline]
Test on Vista with DX11 API (DX10) [DX10/11 comparison test]
Test on Vista (DX11) [DX11 test]
Test on 7 (DX10) [Baseline]*
Test on 7 (DX11) [DX10/11 comparison test]

*Note these results will vary from the Vista test; the purpose is to re-establish a baseline and see if Vista trends hold true in 7.

The purpose is to remove any OS influences (better multithreading, etc) from an evaluation of the DX11 API. This also has the benifit of testing the effects of the DX11 API on DX10 level hardware. For that reason, the first two tests should proabably also be done with DX10 hardware (4890/285 or lower).


Oct 8, 2009
I haven't seen this yet. Thanks for posting. DX11 definitely looks better. It seems DX11 will give you better performance for the same level of picture quality or better picture quality, but at the expense of fewer FPS. Too bad it can't do both.


Oct 5, 2006
It can do both, but it depends on the balance the developers would put.

You can get between 20%-50% better performance using same image qualities but implementing it for DX11 (instead of 10). However benefits will be smaller at the beginning and developers are putting more eye candy on DX11 so in fact you can get lower performance but better graphics.

I really hope implementing tesselation is adopted faster and we can see it in MORE future games, not just few of them. thats the deal braker
Well, having more powerful HW is where it comes into play.
Alot have said "we dont need these new cards, theres nothing out there to use it"
Same people then say "Just look at how much an impact DX11 has"
same people say "Why buy a new card now? Theres no games stressing todays cards"
Those same people are so full of .... contradictions, I wouldnt listen to them


Futuremark releasing a dx11 benchmark when Nvidia don't even have a dx11 card? Never gonna happen.

With a bit of luck somebody else will make a really good bench and get us rid of futuremarks bias for good.
I'm honestly not real interested in marginal differences in performance, so much as "will the game work or not?" Until they start coming out with games that require DX11 only, either way is fine by me.

DX12 will never happen, by then we will all be running Nvidia powered Tesla supercomputers. Just ask Jen-Hsun, he'll tell you its true. :ange:

Running XP and DX9 still? You know DX10 isnt required. :p
(Still it looks significantly more realistic in many games, which is the only reason people use it).