DX11 up to 3x faster with ambient occlusion


Mar 27, 2008

Im still wondering how much different a game would look on dx10 hardware vs dx11 hardware. I don't have much money left to upgrade again hopefully my 2 gtx260 sli will last me a good 2 years.
Its mainly the compute shaders and the tesselation thats different, as most the rest can be accessed thru DX10 HW. How much the CS plays into optimisations per game, and usefullness is the real question at this point.
The only real difference we will see is tesselation. Everything else is just a better way to use things either not found in most games today, so they can ve used, or better perf in games that already have them
Alot depends on the devs themselves, and how they schedule everything, including AO. Even if they nail AO perfectly, and its scheduled properly, if everything isnt scheduled right, youll lose perf, and thats going to happen, no matter what, unless they can sim a whole game, and break it down all the way, from start to finish, and I dont think weve come that far yet
I have some questions for you JD,
You mention scheduling, are you talking about processing order here ? I believe there is some ability in DX11 to run commands somewhat out of sequence. Obviously certain things just have to be computed and dispatched first as others depend on the out come, but i believe non critical commands can be run and then fetched back. This was flagged as a major advantage to getting Dev's on side, sorry cant find the link at the min.
Secondly do you happen to know if the ATI drivers are compatible/optimised for DX11 now or will we have to wait for the actual launch of DX11 cards for that. Also when we do get DX11 drivers wont ATI just not have the features of DX11 cards included in drivers for DX10.1 cards.
The way i understand it the W7 RC is running DX11 now, so will we see more improvements on DX10.1 when the DX11 drivers are out or are the improvements we see in games when running on W7 it.

Whens a good question as to the drivers. I know theyre planning a new GUI possibly, and the GUI has a few holes in it, for something to fill them. I just honestly dont know when, but if that GUI shows up this time around, look for them soon
Hate being so cryptic here. Right now, the only thing we have is W7, and that not even finalized drivers to boot. It does contain the DX11 runtime, but is it the final one?

Not too sure about nVidias G200 series but I know most ATI cards from the HD2K series and up support tesselation because ATI planned it around DX10 which should have included it.

Maybe they do and if so that would be cool since its supposed to allow for higher poly models without the performance hit.