DX4720-03 and ms-7399 front panel help


Oct 29, 2011
ok first off i recently purchased a new case for the components inside the (DX4720-03 model gateway PC)
im having trouble figuring out where all the front panel cables plug into on the motherboard, the mother board is a
(ms-7399) i can't find a manual in home or online for it, there for i don't know which wire goes where,
the front panel cables included with the new case are
(HD Audio 9 pin)
(power SW 2 pin)
(reset SW 2 pin)
(HDD LED 2 pin)
(power LED + 1 pin)
(power LED - 1 pin)
(VCC Data- Data+ GND 4 pin)
i am very confused to how these go into my motherboard any help would be great ty!