Question ?Dying Graphics Card

Feb 21, 2019
I have a Digital Storm Bolt 2 with Win10, an ASRock X99E-itx mobo, 16 GB RAM, an i7-5930K and a nVidia GTX 980ti graphics card. I game at 1080P, so the system has continued to work great for me until BF5. I had no problems with BF1 or Star Wars BF II. With BF5, even when I lower the settings, I get BSOD's, freezing and system shut downs. I have run stress tests including hard drive SMART testing, Window's Diagnostic Memory testing, monitored the heat levels, used Prime95 on the cpu and 3DMark on the gpu without failure. I have had no similar problems on any other game or prolonged application usage (MS Office). I have deleted and reloaded the video card program and drivers but have always had nVidia Experience running. Any suggestions?

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