Question dying pump? - help


Jun 29, 2015
Hi all,

recently my delidded i7 8700k is suddenly running much hotter than usual - i have replaced the thermal paste and still no luck, it is running in a custom loop with a 360mm rad

what could the potential causes of this be? a dying pump? a dying chip?

note my pump is making a weird noise but also has been for quite some time and is also operating at the correct RPM so i am not quite sure where to start in diagnosing this

idle temps - 35-45 which is normal
gaming - up to 80 which is the concerning part

thanks in advance
Delidded I wouldn't expect temps above 50. Could be vapor lock. Do you have any indication of flow through the system? Could be a clog in the block. If the pump is dying you would probably see a change in the reported RPMs. The noise, what kind of noise is it? Grinding? Rattling? gurgling? regular or intermittent? When was the last time you serviced the system? Have you made changes to your cooling profile? What is your pump RPM? Is the 8700k the only item in the loop?


Contributing Writer
Idle temps seem to be a bit higher than I would expect unless you live in a very warm climate.

When your CPU load goes from high back to idle - how quickly do your temps get back down to idle? Is it within seconds or does it take a long period of time? Or does it stay rather warm for a period after?

What pump?
What CPU block?
What radiator?
What tubing?
What coolant?
How long has the loop been in operation?

Photo of tubing/fitting layout? (Looking for excessive 90 degree bends, etc)

Was the thermal compound replacement in response to the temp issue or did it start to occur after that? It would seem this was done as a possible fix?

Any changes or adjustments prior to this, including changing overclocks?