e2180 and Motherboard match (abit v gigabyte) Help appreciated!


Nov 24, 2007
First and foremost, thank you in advance for any advice, I sincerely appreciate it!

After looking for a while I went ahead and decided to build a new budget(ish) system around a Intel e2180 which I plan to OC (hopefully >3ghz).

1. I've never OC'd (but have built before), so keep in mind that I need a MoBo that is an easy OC board.
2. I'd like to keep my costs as low as possible (as everyone else does).
3. I've no need for Sata or Raid (at least as far as I know).
4. I plan to use a 8800gt (along w/the rest of the world), but not SLI/crossfire
5. I'll need a firewire for basic DV editing, but not a ton (can buy a card for $15).
6. Would like to play newer games (I'm not a huge gamer but would enjoy BF2142, Crysis etc). Don't need max settings.
7. Budget $100-$140.

I've been looking at multiple sites over the last few days and came to the conclusion that the next step for me is the MoBo.
A. guess that heat dissipation is a big consideration if I OC the e2180
B. prior OC'ing of the e2180 has been on the below boards:
- Abit IP35 (the IP35-e is sold out/not availible, and the IP35-v has the ich7 sb) +firewire, +runs cool

- Gigabyte DS3L: cheaper, but no firewire, runs "hot", and compared to the R has poor cooling capabilies

- Gigabyte DS3R: $35 more expensive, but has better cooling (not sure compared to IP35), no firewire

- Asus P5K: same costs, but difficult to find info on for OC'ing the e21xx series

Anyone have any other ideas as to which board might work out better from the cost, heat dispersion, etc? I am open to other boards, it just seems that a lot of people have OC'd these with the e2180 so there is a lot of info out there if I run into trouble.

Thanks again!

(id post newegg links but newegg.com is acting up)
Hello and welcome to the forums mate :)

well between those boards i suggest GIGABYTE P35 DS3R, because of its cooling and also lots of good reviews

also about the P5K, well its a very good board too , there are lots of OverClocking guides so u wont have any problems finding them(if u want, then PM me and i will give u some guides)

so get either P5K or GIGABYTE P35 DS3R(Both are good and wont disappoint u )
I would suggest the Gigabyte DS3L because the high multiplier of the E2180 want need much OCing to hit 3GHz. For the price of the Gigabyte DS3R I would expect SLI or CF. The only way I would suggest the Gigabyte DS3R is if you were going for 3.6GHz or higher on a Q6600. Its really over kill for the E2180 and at that much extra you would be better off getting the e4500.


Nov 24, 2007
thank you for the advice!!! :bounce:
I ended up getting the DS3L because I wanted to keep it more of a budget build, and not OC the e2180 >3.1-3.2 ish.

Now I'm trying to get through the madness of getting a 8800gt.... more fun!

Thank you again for your responses, I appreciate it!