Question E2500 Killer Gigabit Ethernet Controller Issue

May 13, 2021

I am not exactly sure if im correct about posting this here but it drives me crazy. I got 3x Alienware Aurora R5 in my institution. There were a lot of issues with their ethernet E2500 Killer cards which were solved by updating them.
Lately, this became a big issue as the controller loses the connection, do not appear disconnected but have no internet and we have to disable and re-enable them to fix the issue. We tried:

Updating the Bios.
Install Killer Drivers
Uninstalling Killer Software.
Updating drivers from Dell using their support assist.
Resetting Win 10 Network.

Nothing helps, a few minutes or hours later the same thing occurs, the connection is lost, the gateway is not available and we have to disable and re-enable the adapters....

Any opinions on what we may have missed?
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